Hey:) I’m Kerri. I own Lillian Grace Photography. I named it after my two crazies, Lillian Kate and Georgia Grace, better known as Lilly and Georgia. I figured that the best way for you to get to know me is if I just listed some random facts about myself and don’t be surprised if I ask you for your randoms too:)

  • I love hair color especially if it makes old people stare at me.
  • I love Cheerwine.
  • I love candles.
  • I’m obsessed with coffee.
  • I watch the Disney channel even when my girls aren’t around.
  • I write songs….the majority of them are bad.
  • I wish I could live in Denver, NC and Franklin, TN at the same time.
  • I like tattoos.
  • I have replaced the period with a smiley face:) or a frowny face:( depending on context:)
  • I wish I could cook like my mom…you would too if you tasted her food.
  • I love to sing…anytime….anywhere…even when it’s not appropriate.
  • I don’t act my age and probably won’t ever.
  • My husband, John is super hot but a really bad speller.
  • My daughter Georgia is pretty much a rockstar in waiting.
  • My daughter Lilly is the most confident person I’ve ever met. She believes she can do anything, even be a mermaid.
  • I don’t love animals but have pretended to my entire life… you do what you have to when you grow up on a farm.
  • I live on a farm.

If you come out to my farm, I’ll take your picture, and then introduce you to all the animals I don’t particularly like… it’s ok, I’m courteous to them. Can’t wait to meet you!!!

xoxo Kerri